Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Sad Template

I see it often ,a sad template ,outside a deserted vacant house,
whining in the solace,murmuring the never ending grouse.

The lifeless dried wooden cast, cracks down to story of an age,
and the dirty moss-struck marble,faces off, to hide the heritage.
The cobwebs roll over to veil the dark secrets,
and the weeds circumvene to strike off the alphabets.

So,there must be a glorious time,when it must be shining in the rhyme,
and there must have been zillions trespassing glances,
yelling out and faking romances!

And I see it often,hanging patiently out there.
peeping deliberately to be lively alive,
to be read over again and to revive.

That sad template ,though ,still gives a name to that lonesome ground,
it still has a purpose to live for,
still has a reason to keep it bound.

And this template that's cemented there,
however hardships it's exposed to,
a single stop-over and a gentle rub-off,
would make it shine yet again..

Monday, August 29, 2011

The fear challenge

When the lights go dim and..
there's no utterance.
When a streak of light peeps in through the door and..
falls upon a tear resting on the cheek.

Eyes shut,blank face,
trembling lips,clenched fists,
crossed arms,folded legs,
heart beats much beyond its pulse.

there's a fear hovering around,
laughing at you,dancing in joy.
"I won,you lose"
"I won ,you lose"

When suddenly heat surrounds your physical being and..
you become a casted statue,
when evil thoughts overcrowd your mind,
sweat drips from forehead to chin.

eyes numb,tears stop,
throat's choked,breath slows,
red face,paralysed body,
heart beats much below its pulse.

There's a fear hovering around,laughing at you,dancing in joy.
"I won,you lose"
"I won ,you lose".

But then you gather up to the existential leap
accept the challenge and run the thought fleet
this invalid frail mind needs to buck up,
rationalise,organise and wake up.

Prove it wrong and
scream out to the fear that..
"I will win, and you will lose"
"I will win and you will lose."

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Sometimes,somethings fascinate you so,
that you just want to breakfree and go.
Sometimes,heart flungs to the top ,
and no matter what,you cannot stop.
You are irrational ,
the phase is transitional.
Done that thing goes,and you like a morose,
feeling tight,
coz within you know you were not right.

Every second you chase your conscience,
Every minute you trace the caprice.

You creep,you scold,
your soul says,"why didn't you do the way I told"
Succumbed you feel,like you are sealed,
and that's no big deal!
" I'm Sorry"
says the inner you,
coz' this feling is inbuilt..
the feeling of a big guilt.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Settle down

There was a me who didnt want to settle down,
flow like a river and just carry on..
with never-exhaustive energy and restless hopping mind
with a vision that would forsee only the best and never unwind.

As the time is flying by,
The wide lane is narrowing into a long tunnel..
progressing to an unseen world and unknown turns..

and as it gets more insecure and turbulent,
the subtle face wants to take over and settle down..
for I fear indignant denial and angry silence,
for I fear owning responsibilty of ownself untill I desire.

So ,I choose between diamonds and rust,
between the rains and dust..
The vibrant sounds want to echo again..
The goodness of existence want to be felt again.

And so the crazy mind is covinced consequently..
that how much so ever it wanders by,
this rigorous journey surely needs a traveller to walk by.