Sunday, August 28, 2011


Sometimes,somethings fascinate you so,
that you just want to breakfree and go.
Sometimes,heart flungs to the top ,
and no matter what,you cannot stop.
You are irrational ,
the phase is transitional.
Done that thing goes,and you like a morose,
feeling tight,
coz within you know you were not right.

Every second you chase your conscience,
Every minute you trace the caprice.

You creep,you scold,
your soul says,"why didn't you do the way I told"
Succumbed you feel,like you are sealed,
and that's no big deal!
" I'm Sorry"
says the inner you,
coz' this feling is inbuilt..
the feeling of a big guilt.


  1. Hearing Floyd whispering Comfortably Numb while reading this. Noting can get more lethal. This is my weed.

  2. oh..ya thats a lovely soulful it..