Monday, August 29, 2011

The fear challenge

When the lights go dim and..
there's no utterance.
When a streak of light peeps in through the door and..
falls upon a tear resting on the cheek.

Eyes shut,blank face,
trembling lips,clenched fists,
crossed arms,folded legs,
heart beats much beyond its pulse.

there's a fear hovering around,
laughing at you,dancing in joy.
"I won,you lose"
"I won ,you lose"

When suddenly heat surrounds your physical being and..
you become a casted statue,
when evil thoughts overcrowd your mind,
sweat drips from forehead to chin.

eyes numb,tears stop,
throat's choked,breath slows,
red face,paralysed body,
heart beats much below its pulse.

There's a fear hovering around,laughing at you,dancing in joy.
"I won,you lose"
"I won ,you lose".

But then you gather up to the existential leap
accept the challenge and run the thought fleet
this invalid frail mind needs to buck up,
rationalise,organise and wake up.

Prove it wrong and
scream out to the fear that..
"I will win, and you will lose"
"I will win and you will lose."

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